Celebrate with all vigor the 50th year of the Party

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will commemorate its 50th founding anniversary on December 26. In the coming months, let us mount a vibrant and broad campaign to celebrate the victories achieved by the Filipino proletariat and people in their five decades of revolutionary struggles under the guidance of the Party.

The Party calls on all revolutionary forces, oppressed and exploited people to take part in the celebration to further strengthen their determination to vigorously wage the people’s democratic revolution.

Let us look back upon the past 50 years of revolutionary struggle, from its emergence to its advancement, its retreats and resurgence, its victories, losses and greater victories. Retrace the history of the struggle for national and social liberation. Draw lessons and inspiration from the sacrifices of martyrs and heroes and earlier generations of proletarian revolutionaries.

Applaud the victories of the past 50 years of the revolutionary struggle. The Filipino people have achieved great victories in waging armed and various forms of struggles.

Under the Party’s leadership, the New People’s Army continuously grows and assiduously wages protracted people’s war. The NPA continuously accumulates strength through armed struggle. Together with the peasantry, it advances agrarian revolution across the country and builds the organized strength of the masses and their organs of political power. The people’s democratic government is established across the country from village level upward.

The Party establishes the broad unity of the Filipino people. It leads the National Democratic Front, the broadest most consolidated united front organization. It mobilizes the democratic and patriotic sectors to participate in the armed struggle. It serves as the core of the broad democratic and antifascist front. On two occasions, 1986 and 2001, the Party was at the forefront of a broad uprising of the people which, alongside other forces, ousted reactionary regimes from power.

The Party is extensively and deeply rooted among the workers, peasants and other democratic classes and sectors across the country. It serves as vanguard of the people’s army, mass organizations, united front and the organs of political power. The Party launched its Second Congress in 2016 which issued the new Constitution and Program enriched by almost five decades of revolutionary experience and victories. These documents are now being used to broadly recruit new Party members.

The Party’s victories provide a springboard for further advancing the national democratic revolution to a higher level in the future. The Filipino people intensely desire to advance the revolution amid escalating decay of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. It is beset in worsening chronic crisis. The exceedingly fascist reign of the US-Duterte regime and the most detested reactionary factions mark the deterioration of the ruling system.

Therefore, the democratic and class struggles of the toiling masses and other oppressed and exploited classes and sectors must be further advanced. The united front must be further broadened and strengthened against the fascist and puppet Duterte regime. Rouse the Filipino people and link their daily struggles with the overall national democratic cause.

Mount resounding tactical offensives as we celebrate Party’s 50th anniversary. Inflict heavy blows against criminal and fascist units and officials of the US-Duterte regime. Completely frustrate Duterte’s desperate attempt to suppress the armed revolution. Proclaim armed struggle as the primary form of struggle and raise the people’s fighting spirit and their confidence in the revolutionary struggle.

The continuing advancement of the Filipino revolution in all fields proves the correct application of universal theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete Philippine conditions and the relentless struggle against revisionism and other various forms of subjectivism and opportunism. The theory and practice of the Filipino revolution is incessantly developing.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Party in the coming months is a golden opportunity to use Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to sum up experiences at all leval and in all fields of the revolution. Review and draw lessons and principles from the First and Second Great Rectification Movements and use these as guide in overcoming weaknesses and dismantling barriers in advancing the revolution.

This is also an occasion to further deepen the analysis of the worsening semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions of the Philippines amid intensifying crisis, long-term depression and heightening contradictions of the world capitalist system. Expose the continuing domination and intervention of US imperialism in the economic, politics, military and culture of the Philippines and its control of the neocolonial state.

Expose the worsening forms of exploitation, oppression and persecution of the masses by the ruling classes. Use these as basis in developing tactics for arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broad masses. Develop a broad movement for social investigation to expose the actual economic and overall situation of the masses. Challenge and mobilize intellectuals to tear their illusion of “development” and probe into the concrete condition of the Filipino masses.

In the coming months of celebrating the Party’s 50th anniversary, let us recognize and extol the heroes and martyrs of the Filipino revolution. Draw inspiration from their sacrifices and cherish them as exemplars of selfless service to the masses and communist daring and optimism.

Mobilize poets, painters, visual artists, composers, singers, and other artists in big numbers to generate the largest possible number of revolutionary artworks. Use these to exemplify the 50-year heroism of the Filipino people and their resolute revolutionary resistance against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. Promote arts for the people and exhibit these in streets, communities, the internet and galleries.

Declare the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Party and diffuse the golden rays of the revolution all over the world. Contribute to efforts to illuminate the path towards the resurgence of democratic and socialist revolutions of the working class and the toiling masses across the world.

Celebrate with all vigor the 50th year of the Party