Mindanao bombings to further martial law



THE COMMUNIST PARTY of the Philippines condemns the bombings in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat last August 28 and September 2 where at least four died and almost 50 were wounded. It also condemned the US-Duterte regime for using the two incidents to justify its plan to extend martial law in Mindanao for the second time.

Mindanao martial law is set to expire on December 31. This early, Rodrigo Duterte’s minions and allies have already expressed support for its extension. Duterte has already threatened to impose a national curfew.

The police claim that the revolutionary movement, particularly the New People’s Army, has something to do with the bombing incidents is a big lie. The NPA firmly follows its rule in ensuring the safety of civilians and it is against its principles to endanger them.

Greater crimes and human rights violations are being committed in the name of martial law. The list of cases of widespread indimidation and forcing civilians to “surrender,” harassment and killing, militarization and putting up numerous detachments in the name of “peace and development” is long. Civilians are also victims during “focused” combat operations where rockets and bombs are used.

Mindanao bombings to further martial law