NPA ambushes PNP convoy in CamSur


The New People’s Army (NPA)-West Camarines Sur (Norben Gruta Command) successfully ambushed the 1st Camarines Sur Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) along Maharlika Highway, Barangay Napolidan, Lupi, Camarines Sur last October 18, 8:55 a.m.

The said police unit was part of the security convoy escorting Bureau of Food and Drugs Authority Director General Mila Puno. Three police officers were slain while four others were wounded. An M14 rifle together with five magazines, and two .45 caliber pistol magazines were seized from them.

Contrary to lies peddled by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the PPSC, Red fighters carefully select their targets in every tactical offensive. Particular in the Lupi offensive, command-detonated explosives (CDX) targeted only armed elements of the PNP, said Ka Ma. Roja Banua, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front-Bicol. Because the detonation is directed, the NPA purposely spared the vehicle that carried Puno. Banua said that they obtained the detailed itinerary of the convoy from members of the PNP.

Earlier, on October 17, the NPA also ambushed Teodoro Adaptante, a CAFGU element deployed in Barangay Alanao in the same town.

The PPSC and other mercenary armed agents of the reactionary government have perpetrated a long list of crimes and human rights violations in Bicol. On top of killing civilians under the guise of the “war against drugs,” they also perpetrated the murder of activists.

Camarines Norte. On October 14, the NPA-Camarines Norte seized two M4 assault rifles in an ambush against the 96th IB in Purok 7, Barangay Dumagmang, Labo, Camarines Norte, at around 4 p.m. Eight soldiers were slain while two others were wounded.

The ambush was mounted near the temporary camp of the 96th IB.

Agu­san del Sur. The NPA-Agusan del Sur conducted a punitive action on October 4 against Charity Ampong, a despotic landlord who owns hundreds of hectares of calamansi farmland in Barangay San Luis, Agusan del Sur. The Red fighters paralyzed a truck, and torched few sacks of fertilizer and 18 hectares of farmland owned by Ampong. The said action was a response to the complaints against extremely low wages and the inhumane working conditions in the hacienda.

During planting season, Ampong compensates farmers with a meager P250 daily salary. The farmers are prohibited from resting except during noon. Their wages are further cut down when resting outside the said schedule. During harvest season, they are compensated with only P90 per sack of lemon they are able to reap.

On the next day, the NPA ambushed elements of the CAFGU Active Auxiliary who indiscriminately fired their guns in the same barangay. Eight enemy troopers were wounded. The NPA-Agusan del Sur held a tribute in honor of Joel Seguero who was martyred in the said offensive.

Northern Sa­mar. Red fighters from the Special Operations Group of the NPA-Northern Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) ambushed Ananias Rebato, former municipal mayor of San Jose de Buan together with his hired gun, Severino Tesoro Jr., on October 8 in Barangay Babaclayon, San Jose de Buan. Tesoro died on the spot while Rebato was seriously injured. After a few days, Rebato succumbed to his injuries and died in the hospital.

Rebato was notorious for massive corruption and tyranny. Around 31 cases of sexual assault and rape have been filed against him. A rabid supporter of the AFP, he sowed terror in various communities of the said town and ordered the displacement, harassment and killing of resident peasants.

The punitive action serves revolutionary justice not only to Rebato’s direct victims but also to the people of San Jose de Buan who have long suffered from his despotic rule.

Meanwhile, a young farmer was illegally arrested and accused by the military of participating in the said offensive.

The NPA-Eastern Visayas (Efren Martires Command) offered a Red salute to Ambie Gabane (Ka Mati/Ka Mamoy) who was martyred in the course of the ambush.

NPA ambushes PNP convoy in CamSur