Duterte’s foul lies and cruel fascism


Over the past weeks, Duterte and his fascist cabal have shamelessly twisted facts in their vile aim to slander the Party and revolutionary movement. This is a desperate attempt to justify ever repressive measures to suppress the people’s resistance to his tyrannical and terrorist reign.

First, he ridiculoulsy accused the NPA of being behind the October 20 massacre of nine peasants who were fighting for their right to till land in Sagay, Negros Occidental. This is patently absurd, especially considering that the AFP earlier accused the peasants of being NPA supporters. Duterte is washing his bloodied hands in the face of overwhelming evidence that the brutal killings were perpetrated by the SCAA paramilitaries attached to the AFP. The brutal massacre was then followed by the killing by state forces of the lawyer assisting the victims’ families.

Recently, Duterte preposterously painted the CPP and NPA as anti-Lumad in a perverse villification campaign. The AFP and their mercenary criminal traitors to the Lumads and Duterte’s flunkies are shameless in lying. It is the AFP that has mounted relentless attacks against the Lumads to force them to give up their ancestral land to be plundered by big plantations and mining companies.

Duterte wants to demoralize the masses in slandering the NPA, their real army which has served them selflessly, in an attempt to smash their unity with the people’army. He seeks to take away their moral right to resist armed suppression, oppression and exploitation.

At the same time, Duterte wants to push the proscription case to declare and tag the CPP and NPA as “terrorists.” He plans to use this proscription to restrict the rights of various groups which the AFP accuses of conspiring with the CPP in its “Red October” tale.

Duterte aims to use the Party as a scapegoat to extend and declare nationwide martial law which has been imposed over Mindanao. He is rushing this scheme to ensure the outcome of the May 2019 elections which will guarantee him a congressional majority for his federalism project for perpetuating his power.

Duterte’s campaign of spreading barefaced lies against the revolutionary movement is in line with the relentless war of suppression under Oplan Kapayapaan. The AFP has carried out a brutal all-out war in the countryside marked with widespread killings, torture, arrests and detentions and other military abuses and violations of human rights, and large-scale combat operations with artillery, helicopter and drone support aided and advised by the US military.

To create the illusion of victory, thousands of peasants are being duped or forced to parade as “NPA surrenderees.” However, contrary to the AFP’s aims, many among their peasant victims are approaching the NPA to complain against military abuses, seek justice and support the people’s army.

In the past two years, Duterte has spewed a gargantuan amount of lies. He has used his power and wasted hundreds of billions of pesos of public funds to weave far-fetched tales.

He employs Hitler’s fascist doctrine of Big Lies: “Repeat a lie until it becomes the truth; the bigger the lie, the better, because who would imagine a man so impudent to fabricate colossal untruths.”

Such tactics are entirely in character for Duterte who is garrulous, foul-mouthed, narcissistic, and a blood-thirsty fascist. Under his reign, the bigger and more ludicrous and vulgar the lie, the filthier and darker the secret. But no matter how big the illusion and dramatics Duterte whips up, he fails keep the secrets of his rotten rule from reeking.

Duterte’s constant dramatics serve to hide the decay of the ruling system and his moribund rule. His “war against drugs,” “war against corruption,” anti-US pretensions and advocacy for sovereignty and peace are pure posturing. These are all complete opposites of the truth.

Duterte is insane if he believes he can completely fool the Filipino people with his deceptions and dramatics. It is clear to the people that he is the overlord of all drug syndicates, mastermind of corruption, a US puppet, traitor to the country and peddler of its sovereignty, and number one fascist.

Duterte is demented if he thinks he can silence or intimidate the people with his lies and use of state violence. Like a broken record, he declares he will crush the NPA by mid-2019, after having failed in his earlier declaration of crushing the NPA before the end of 2018. This is nothing but a pipe dream. In fact, the armed struggle is advancing nationwide.

In the face of worsening economic and social crisis, burdensome taxes and other oppressive policies, bureaucrat capitalist corruption, imperialist intervention and oppression, crime and narco-politics and increasingly cruel armed suppression under Duterte, more and more people are propelled to wage various forms of struggle.

The Filipino people’s determination to struggle to end Duterte’s tyranny and terrorism is unwavering. They are undaunted and are further galvanized to take the path of revolutionary armed struggle.

Duterte’s foul lies and cruel fascism