Police crimes against women escalate


Under the Duterte regime, police crimes against the people, particularly women, are escalating. Police personnel are emboldened to exploit and oppress women further due to Duterte’s misogyny.

In a study by the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) last October, 56 police personnel are involved in 33 cases of exploiting women and children since the start of Duterte’s term. Half of these are rape cases, while 13 are crimes committed under the “war on drugs.” Most recently, the rape of the 15-year old daughter of a suspected drug user by a police officer was exposed. Another 11-year old girl was sexually harassed by four policemen during an anti-drug operation.

The police commit unabated abuses, according to CWR, because they are assured of immunity. In fact, the state has acted on only one case. Majority of the complaints are junked or do not proceed to the filing of cases.

Duterte is directly responsible for these crimes. He outrightly encourages the police, including the military, not only to violate the rights of the people, but to kill them. In several instances, he ordered them to shoot suspected drug users and dealers and plant evidence against them. Duterte grants his protection to the police and military, including rapists and murderers of children. He even awards some of them with money and promotions.

Police crimes against women escalate