AFP suffers 39 casualties


The Armed Forces of the Philippines suffered not less than 39 casualties—23 killed and 16 wounded— from successful military actions launched by the New People’s Army (NPA) in Bukidnon, Iloilo, Northern Samar and Camarines Sur this October.

Bukidnon. Successive armed actions were mounted by the NPA-Bukidnon from November 10 to 16, killing 13 soldiers and wounding at least 10 others.

On November 16, a unit of the NPA-Bukidnon ambushed 65th IB troopers operating in the boundary of the province and Pinilayan, Tagoloan 2, Lanao del Sur. Two enemy units were slain in the incident. The troopers were deployed as reinforcement to the military elements already operating in the area.

Earlier, on November 12, the fascist troopers were hit twice in armed actions launched by the Red fighters in the said barrio. Three were slain and four wounded. On November 11, they conducted a counter-offensive against elements of the same unit who attempted to raid their camp, killing three soldiers and wounding four others. A Red fighter was martyred during the encounter.

Meanwhile, a unit of the NPA-Bukidnon harassed operating troopers of the 8th IB in Barangay Bulonay, Impasug-ong on November 10 at 4 p.m. The troopers have been operating in the area for more than a week already, causing distress among residents and disruption of their livelihood.

Pa­nay. The NPA-Southern Panay (Napoleon Tumagtang Command) attacked a patrol base of the 61st IB and 33rd Division Reconaissance Company in Barangay Igcabugao, Igbaras, Iloilo last November 12.

Initial reports indicate that four soldiers were killed. To save face, the troopers peddled a lie that a car and not their base was hit in the offensive. They also arrested a farmer and accused him as an NPA sympathizer. After a day, the troopers were compelled to release the victim after failing to present any evidence against him

Since 2015, troopers of the tactical patrol base serve as mercenaries of Century Peak, a company operating a mini-hydro plant in the area. Residents of Igcabugao, Passi and other neighboring barrios are opposing the plan of the company to conduct mining operations.

In a related news, the NPA-Southern Panay offered a Red salute to Casimiro (Ka Boy) na who was martyred during the offensive in Igcabugao. He is a resident of Barangay Buloc, Tubungan, Iloilo.

Northern Sa­mar. Five soldiers were slain while many others were wounded in the harassment operation launched by the NPA-Northern Samar (Rodante Urtal Command) against operating troopers of the 43rd IB in Barangay Cag-amesarog, Lope de Vega on November 6.

In retaliation, more than 100 fascist soldiers scoured the area and sowed disinformation to belittle the victory of the NPA.

Ca­ma­ri­nes Sur. The NPA-Bicol (Romulo Jallores Regional Operations Command) applauded the successful ambush by Red fighters under the Norben Gruta Command in Sitio Patag, Barangay Mambulo Nuevo, Libmanan last November 17 at 4:30 p.m.

Six police officers who are members of the Task Force Bicolandia were wounded during the attack. The said task force was established to “decimate” the armed revolutionary movement in the region.

AFP suffers 39 casualties