NPA-Zam­boa­nga foils AFP attacks

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Amid relentless attacks of the fascist troops and local spies of the US-Duterte regime, the New People’s Army (NPA) and its mass base in the Zamboanga Peninsula remain steadfast and are steadily fighting back. Among the victories won by the NPA in the last six months (May-September 2018) are as follows:

Last May, the 42nd IB attempted to conduct extensive military operations in Zamboanga del Norte purportedly to decimate the NPA in the area. But even before they could hit any NPA unit, comrades were already able to score an attritive operation against them on May 18. An NPA unit blasted a truck of the enemy unit killing seven and wounding three troopers on board. The truck was also completely destroyed. The incident took place just a kilometer away from Kalawit town where the battalion headquarters is located.

On May 30, in an NPA checkpoint in Sitio Tanggupon, Barangay Mauswagon in Godod town, the Red fighters captured two police officers and seized three M16 rifles, one 9mm pistol, thirteen magazines and live ammunition from them.

The captives were treated with respect and were immediately released. After the incident, one of the police officers commented that he was wrong to think all along that Red fighters of the NPA are crooks.

On July 27, elements of the 42nd IB and CAFGU failed in their attempt to raid an NPA unit resting in the forest areas of Sitio Kulasian, Barangay Kulalian, Kalawit. The Red fighters foresaw the plan of the enemy and were able to mount an effective defense plan. After a 30-minute running gunbattle, the soldiers withdrew carrying their casualties which included seven killed and one wounded troopers.

The NPA scored another victory against operating troopers of the 67th IB in an encounter last August 23 in Barangay Delokot in Godod town.

Fascist troopers from the 97th IB, recently deployed in the area, had been scouring the forested boundaries of Godod and Kabasalan towns intending to start their operations with a bang. By the early morning of August 23, they attempted to raid an NPA camp in the area. The Red fighters, however, had been alerted and were able to fire at and blast the maneuvering enemy troopers.

When the attackers took over the abandoned camp, they were still deliriously mad and spent thousands of ammunition rounds firing aimlessly at open air, silent trees and empty hillsides. While Red fighters were able to withdraw with no casualties, five enemy troopers were confirmed killed while three others were injured including a CAFGU combatant.

An army officer lamely admitted by saying, “The NPAs were just lucky that time. They occupied superior ground, fired their guns first while we were still trying to gain a more favorable position.”

Corresponsal from West Mindanao

NPA-Zam­boa­nga foils AFP attacks