NPA-NCMR successfully conducts medical conference


The NPA-NCMR successfully concluded its regional medical conference last December amid sustained military operations.

Twenty-two medical cadres and practitioners from the regional, subregional and front levels, as well as a representative from the urban committee participated in the meeting. The conference, which included a review of some courses, was conducted within 12 days.

The conference aimed to enhance the participants’ practices and sum up their experiences. Ka Iris, Regional Medical Staff team leader, said, “the conference will enable participants to sum up experiences in various fronts, correct wrong past practices and improve the correct ones.”

Despite intense military operations, the unit of the people’s army did not hesitate to improve their knowledge on the revolutionary health work. The military operations even reinforced the delegates’ will to finish the conference.

“Let us prove to the enemy that we can face their blows,” a delegate said.

The discussion flow was lively as delegates from various fronts shared their concrete experiences. Ka Mayo, a revolutionary medic working in urban areas, said, “the direct participation of medics in the war will give them greater knowlege that will bring health work to a higher level.”

By the end of the conference, the delegates enthusiastically pledged to implement their unities apply lessons learned form the conference. They carry with them newly acquired theories as they return to their respective units.

NPA-NCMR successfully conducts medical conference