Church, progressive groups unite against tyranny


VARIOUS SECTORS and groups unite against fascism and tyranny last January. The religious sectors, workers from Sumifru, Lumad students, women and farmers participated in the event.

Church groups and human rights advocates came together to call for justice, truth, and peace in a prayer rally held in Malate, Manila last January 25 which they called “One Faith, One Nation, One Voice.” The activity was spearheaded by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and National Council of Churches in the Philippines.

The groups slammed the insult and discrimination of the Duterte regime against the church and its call to rob or kill bishops. They also condemned the injustice and impunity that are widespread in the country.

Workers from Sumifru and Lumads who are displaced from their community due to intense militarization joined the rally. They called for peace based on justice. They also enjoined the people to stand in solidarity with their struggle since their fight is for all those who are oppressed.

Bishop Roderick Pabillo, former senator Sen. Rene Saguisag, Bro. Armin Luistro and Sr. Mary John Mananzan joined the protests.

Sr. Mananzan said, the Duterte regime targets the church workers through various government agencies and armed elements to suppress resistance.

Bro. Armin Luistro highlighted that at this time “long prayers and patience are not enough. This protest is for all those who are oppressed, those who are falsely accused and ex­ploited.”

Church, progressive groups unite against tyranny