CPP declares March 2019 as “NPA Month”


Last February 26, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) declared March 2019 as “NPA Month” in commemoration of the 50th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) on March 29. This is in celebration of all the victories and advancement of the people’s war in all fields.

The CPP challenged all revolutionary forces to pay tribute to the genuine army of the people with the theme “Advance the people’s war until victory!” This is in response to the relentless fascist attacks of the Duterte regime and the masses’ worsening plight.
In conjuction with the celebration, NPA units are expected to mount tactical offensives across the country to defend the people’s rights and concurrent with the advancement of genuine land reform and the establishment of mass organizations up to organs of political power. This is also alongside the mounting of punitive actions against the most notorious agents of the Duterte regime.

Amid the regime’s attempts to hinder the spread of the message of the revolutionary armed movement, the information, education and propaganda campaign must be instensified to propagate the justness of the armed struggle.

The CPP urged everyone to issue statements, create posters and brochures for recruitment, write poems, songs and stories, produce paintings and other artworks, and mount demonstrations. Maximize the internet and social media to propagate the revolutionary task of the NPA. Belie the “terrorist” tag by the US-Duterte regime and expose who the real terrorist is.

The whole month of March is an opportunity to convince the most number of mass activists both in urban centers and the countryside to join the people’s army, echo and propagate the slogans: “Serve the people! Serve the revolution!” Likewise, utilize the celebrations to raise the ideological, political and organizational capacities of Red commanders and fighters.

“Highlight the efforts and optimism of the Filipino people in carrying forward the people’s war to a higher level and its nearing complete victory,” ended the CPP.

CPP declares March 2019 as "NPA Month"