NPA ambushes PNP in Mt. Province


The New People’s Army (NPA)-Mt. Province ambushed operating troopers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who attempted to sabotage the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the NPA on March 29.
The Red fighters fired upon the operatives at around 9 a.m. in Mt. Gonggong-o in the town of Bau­ko. An operative was slain while another was wounded. On March 31, the NPA unit also fired at operating PNP and AFP troopers tailing a unit which launched an offensive in Mt. Ma­ki­la­ki­lat, Ta­di­an.

In a related news, the NPA-Panay mounted six harassment operations. These include the harassment against a CAFGU Active Auxi­li­ary detachment in Barangay Oso­rio I, San Re­me­gio, Antique on Mar­ch 15 and 19; against CAFGU forces on March 19; against a CAA detachment in Barangay Igcococ, Si­ba­lom and Barangay Tu­bu­dan, San Re­me­gio in the same province on Mar­ch 24; and against PNP operatives in Barangay Bo­loc, Tu­bu­ngan, Iloi­lo on March 30.

In Eastern Samar, the PNP station in Barangay Pob­lacion, Mo­ti­ong, Sa­mar was harassed by the NPA on March 11. A detachment of 87th IB in Barangay Can-a­pon­te, San Jo­se de Buan was also attacked. A police operative was killed while two others were wounded.

Three armed actions were also launched by the NPA-Northern Negros. These include a harassment against the 12th IB-CAFGU in Sitio Pu­lu­pang­yan, Barangay Bug-ang, To­bo­so on March 19 and against an AFP unit operating in Sit­io Fuen­tes, Ma­bi­ni, Esca­lan­te City on March 21.

The NPA also disarmed elements of the RPA/SCAA in Sit­io Ma­ya­na, Barangay Ba­go, Don Salva­dor Be­ne­dicto on March 21. Five pistols and ammunition were seized during the attack.

The NPA-North Central Mindanao also launched seven armed actions from March 2 to April 5. Among these is the harassment against the 58th IB in the towns of Salay, Claveria and Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental wherein five soldiers were slain while another was wounded. The NPA also harassed operating troopers of the 23rd IB in Buena­vista, Agusan del Norte and of 8th IB in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon wherein one soldier was killed.

On March 15, seven 8th IB troopers were wounded during a demolition operation launched by the NPA in New Tubigon, Barangay Busdi, Malaybalay City. On the same day, the NPA ambushed another unit of the 8th IB in Sitio Magawa, Barangay Bulonay, Impagsug-ong wherein one soldier was killed.

The NPA twice paralyzed the operations of Davao Agriventure Corporation in Bukidnon on March 10 and April 15. A shotgun and ammunition were confiscated from the company.

NPA ambushes PNP in Mt. Province