Trump’s impeachment gains ground


CALLS TO impeach US President Trump are intensifying. This followed the release last May 30 of the Office of the Legal Counsel’s (OLC) report on its investigation regarding Russia’s intervention in the 2016 presidential elections.

The report detailed the widespread and systematic social media campaign for Trump by Russian company Internet Research Agency and its close links with Trump’s specialists and spokespersons. The report also revealed the attacks by Russian hackers against Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton and the disclosure of sensitive and harmful information used by Trump’s team during the campaign.

Although the report failed to prove the conspiracy between Trump and Russia, it detailed the series of meetings between Trump’s campaign officers and individuals from the Russian government during the campaign. Among those who attended meetings frequently was Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner is a “special adviser” to the Trump administration. During the OLC’s 2-year investigation, Trump’s men also repeatedly misled and blocked the investigation.

With the publication of the report, OLC chief Robert Mueller said that the only reason why no case has been filed against Trump is because the constitution prohibits the trial of an incumbent president. However, many believe that the report may be used as evidence in an impeachment.

The OLC released the report in March this year but was blocked by Trump’s lawyers. This was submitted to the US Congress in April and its redacted version was made public only in May. On the day the report was made public, Trump denied the allegation that he cooperated with a foreign government in order to win, and said that he knows nothing of Russia’s intervention.

Trump's impeachment gains ground