Victorious strike in Monde


NINE HOURS AFTER mounting their strike on August 6, contractual workers of the Monde Nissin Labor Association (MNLA–LIGA) was able to compel the management of Monde Nissin Corp. to negotiate with them regarding their demand for regularization. The strike was conducted as a reaction to the termination of contract of nine workers last week. In sum, 111 workers have been dismissed by the company since July 2018.

During the negotiation, the management agreed to reinstate the terminated workers. Another round of negotiation was also scheduled. The workers, majority of whom have worked in the company as contractuals for 13 years, considered this as a big victory.

Monde Nissin is a food manufacturing company and is known for its biscuits (SkyFlakes and Fita) and noodles (Lucky Me!). Since 2000, the company has been consistently included in the top 50 corporations in the Philippines. It is owned by bourgeois compardor Betty Ang who reported a P14.17-billion net worth in 2018.

On the same day, Super 8 workers also mounted their strike in Pasig City after its termination of 200 contractual workers.

STUDENTS OF THE Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Sta. Mesa, Manila successfully junked the dress code policy after a seven-hour protest. They said that protests will continue to oppose plans to implement repressive policies such as the mandatory random drug-testing and harassment against organizations, student councils and publications.

Victorious strike in Monde