Hongkong protests against extradition


Millions of Hongkong citizens are mounting successives demonstations to show their stand against the Carrie Lam administration’s scheme to railroad amendments to the extradition law. This bill aims to allow suspects to be sent to China for trial. Massive protests have been mounted since June.

Residents assert that bill violates the autonomy of Hongkong which is considered a special administrative region of China. They demand to uphold the one country, two systems policy which gives Hongkong autonomy and a separate legal system to China.

The protests escalated on August 11 wherein more than two million participated. The protests started out peacefully despite police provocations. The protests escalated again on August 18, wherein more than 1.7 million marched along the major roads of Hongkong.

The protest is already on its 11th week. During this period, scores of proteters were arrested, including those wounded and are being treated in hospitals. They were slapped with criminal charges, and in order to extend their sentences, the protests were labelled as “riots.”

Hongkong residents are enraged with the administration’s obstinancy and refusal to dialogue or compromise. Although the bill has been declared “dead,” there has not been any move to fully withdraw it from future legislation.

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) said that the movement against extradition law is democratic and involves a broad alliance of organizations with different levels of political awareness and readiness.

Although the protest actions remain centered on opposing extradition, basic issues confronting the people such as the lack of decent jobs and housing, low wages, long working hours, high costs of commodities and others are also layed down during demonstrations.

The ILPS urged Hongkong residents to persist in their struggle while, at same time, standing guard against foreign powers such as the US, that are riding on the issue to instigate the separation of Hong Kong from China.

Hongkong protests against extradition