Farmers demand stop to use of cancer-causing herbicide


RECENTLY, CAPIZ FARMERS demanded a stop to the use of Round Up Ready herbicide as they were able to prove that the soil and groundwater in their cornfields, and even the bodies of residents are already contaminated with glyphosate.

This was based on a research conducted by scientists in Barangay Guinbialan, Maayon, Capiz where the said herbicide and GM Corn produced by Monsanto have been used for ten years.
Samples of soil, groundwater, old and newly harvested corn, and the urine of three residents, all tested positive of glyphosate contamination. Glyphosate is a chemical that causes cancer.

Farmers from the aforementioned barangay said that 16 residents have contracted cancer since they started planting hybrid corn. Many have also contracted kidney complications.

Glyphosate is a chemical component of herbicides such as Round Up and 70 other products that are used in palay, corn, sugarcane, oil palm, banana, pineapple and rubber plantations.

Farmers demand stop to use of cancer-causing herbicide