CPP pays highest tribute to slain 2nd in command

The Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the CPP paid the highest tribute to Julius Giron, one of the Party’s national vice chairpersons, in a tribute statement released March 30. Giron, known as Ka Alban, his doctor and an aide, were killed in cold blood by military troops last March 13. He was then undergoing treatment for acute pancreatitis.

The CPP calls his death a “a great loss to the Party and the revolution.” At the time of his death, he stood as one of the Party’s national vice chairperson. He is a member of the Party’s Executive Committee, Political Bureau and Central Committee.

in the 1970s and 1980’s, Ka Alban played a key role in building the unity and strength of the Igorot people to resist national oppression and carry forward their for self-determination. In the 90’s, he was one of the stalwarts of the Party’s rectification movement. In 2016, he played key role in the major feat of preparing and convening the Party’s Second Congress.

Kasamang Alban might be lost to us, but his exemplar and lessons are a great legacy left us,” the CPP stated.

The EC-CC further enjoined all Party leaders and members to “cherish his memory and steadfastly march in his proletarian revolutionary path.”

CPP pays highest tribute to slain 2nd in command