NPA counteroffensives in Negros and Masbate


A unit of the New People’s Army (NPA) successfully countered an attack of the 94th IB at Sitio Ka­mu­ag, Ba­ra­ngay Ca­ra­ba­lan, Hi­ma­may­lan City on April 19. The unit was attacked while conducting a health campaign against Covid-19 in the said area. The Red fighters remained alert against military attacks even with the Communist Party of the Philippine’s extension of its unilateral ceasefire declaration until April 31. Three assaulting soldiers were killed including a lieutenant, while four others were wounded during the 30-mi­nu­te encounter.

The NPA-South Central Neg­ros (Mt. Can­ser­mon Com­mand) belied the statement of the 303rd IBde that Red fighters are “stealing” relief goods for residents. It also condemned the 94th IB for using the Social Ame­lio­ra­ti­on to justify its conduct of combat operations in the area.

In Mas­ba­te, 2nd IB and police elements also attempted to encircle an NPA unit in Ba­ra­ngay Ca­bas-an, Aro­roy on April 10. The unit just finished conducting a Covid-19 information drive and was set to return to camp when it was attacked by soldiers. A soldier was killed and nine others were wounded in the counteroffensive. In retaliation, the soldiers arrested three civilians whom they accused of being members of the people’s militia.

As the Duterte regime’s unilateral ceasefire declaration lapsed on April 15, military and police combat operations have intensified. Successive attacks were mounted against NPA units that are conducting health and other campaigns in various parts of the country.

NPA counteroffensives in Negros and Masbate