State forces arrest 3 farmers in Masbate


FARMERS ROMNICK Var­­­gas, Juan Di­ki­no and Alden Javier were arrested by 2nd IB and police elements in Ba­ra­ngay Ca­bas-an, Aro­roy, Mas­ba­te on Abril 10. The three were apprehended after an encounter between the said troopers and an NPA unit. The victims were accused of being members of the people’s militia.

On the same day, the troopers burned the house of Ba­syon Me­ral­les and forcibly evicted residents Jun Dikino and Marven “Binoy” Grazil from the village.

The said attacks were spearheaded by 2Lt. Jay Zachary Tu­nguia.

Under the guise of the Re­too­led Com­mu­nity Sup­port Prog­ram, the military and police continues to conduct counterinsurgency operations in the towns of Aro­roy, Man­da­on, Clave­ria, San Pascual, Ba­tu­an, Mon­re­al, San Fer­nan­do, San Jacin­to and Ca­wa­yan in Mas­ba­te, covering at least 24 ba­ra­ngays.

In Ticao island, soldiers gunned down civilian Ki­ko Ga­ra­may, 30, on March 10. The victim was a resident of Ba­ra­ngay Rizal, Mon­re­al. On the next day, the troopers also killed civilian Nong­nong Her­mo­sa, 50, a resident of Sitio Ela­wod, Ba­ra­ngay Mac­arthur in the same town.

State forces arrest 3 farmers in Masbate