Filipinos oppose China’s claim of Kalayaan and Panatag


The Filipino people firmly opposed China’s move to further tighten its claim over two Philippine territories: the Kalayaan Group of Islands (international name: Spratly Islands) and the Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal.)

Last April 18, China announced that it was establishing two new districts at the South China Sea. It designated the Kalayaan Group of Islands, which is a municipality of Palawan, as part of the Nansha district. On the other hand, it designated the Panatag Shoal as a part of the Xisha district. The latter also covered the Paracel Islands which is being claimed both by China and Vietnam. The said districts were established under the Sansha City which was founded by China in 2012 to strengthen its claim over small territories located at the South China Sea.

Filipinos oppose China's claim of Kalayaan and Panatag