Cadres conduct education conference in Negros


THIRTY EDUCATION CADRES from various guerrilla fronts, staff organs and underground mass organizations participated in the first education conference of the Party in Negros. The conference was conducted early on first quarter of the year in a guerrilla front.

The conference discussed and assessed their experiences in implementing the Party’s education program in previous years. It stressed the importance of establishing Red Schools in various levels to serve as a machinery in advancing education work.

Each cadre explained the need for an “assiduous, systematic and extensive conduct of studies on the three-level Party course…[and] on courses and lessons under the curriculum of the National Democratic School.”

The cadres were determined to advance education work after forging a stronger unity during the conference. The conference was launched with the help of a unit of the New People’s Army which secured the area amid the conduct of nonstop military combat operations in the island. (From Ang Paghimakas, May 2020.)

Cadres conduct education conference in Negros