2 mass leaders brutally killed in Eas­tern Vi­sa­yas


Two mass leaders were killed by state forces in Eastern Visayas in May. Prior to the killings, both were labeled as criminals and terrorists by the Na­tio­nal Task Force to End Local Com­mu­nist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

On May 28, the lifeless body of Car­li­to Ba­di­on (Ka Kar­lets), national secretary general of Ka­li­pu­nan ng Da­ma­yang Ma­hi­hi­rap (Ka­da­may), was found in Pag­sa­nga-an, River­si­de, Ormoc City, Ley­te. The body was buried in a shallow grave. Badion was abducted by armed men on May 26 and was brought to Ba­ra­ngay Guin­ti­gui-an where he was reportedly tortured. According to those who saw the body, the victim could have been killed using a blunt object. One of his feet was crippled by polio.

Badion was known for fighting along with urban poor residents in occupation and mass housing campaigns, and community barricades against demolition. He was also a vocal critic of Duterte’s Oplan Tokhang and its campaign of mass killings in urban poor communities.

The police made it appear that the killing was a simple case of robbery and homicide to cover up the political motive behind it.

On May 29, elements of the 43rd IB killed peasant leader Allan Agui­lan­do (Ma­no Boy), chairperson of the Northern Sa­mar Small Far­mers Associa­ti­on, in Ba­ra­ngay New Rizal, Ca­tar­man, Nor­thern Sa­mar. He was shot at the back of his head and his face was hacked with a machete.

Agui­lan­do was at the forefront of campaigns against militarization and exposed the devastation wrought by successive disasters in the province. He also led the march of Sa­ma­reños to Manila in 2016 and 2018 to hold the regime accountable for its negligence and to demand aid. To collect their bounty, the 43rd IB made it appear that the victim was a member of people’s army and was killed in an “encounter.”

Arrest. In Las Navas, elements of the 803rd IBde blindfolded, hogtied and arrested peasants Car­los Ba­lu­yot, Alvi­no Luca­pa and a minor in Ba­ra­ngay Log­ging on June 1. Baluyot is a leader of the Alyan­sa san mga Pa­rag-u­ma Kontra-ka­gu­tom san Las Navas­non which opposes militarization.

In Western Samar, soldiers also nabbed peasants Cosme Cabangunay and his children Jevie and Jason on May 27 in Barangay Canvais, Motiong.

Meanwhile, elements of the 85th IB also abducted Marvin Lo­te­ro and Wil­mar Ma­ri­nas in Ba­ra­ngay Ma­bi­ni, Lo­pez, Quezon on June 2. The victims are yet to be surfaced.

All of those nabbed were accused as members of the people’s army.

2 mass leaders brutally killed in Eas­tern Vi­sa­yas