AFP squanders P25-million in 1-day offensive


The Armed Forces of the Phi­lip­pi­nes (AFP) squandered approximately P25 million in public funds in its offensive last Ma­y 14 at Sit­io Ha­yon, Li­bas Sud, San Mi­gu­el, Su­ri­gao del Sur.

In a single day, it dropped eight 230-kilo bombs using FA-50 fighter jets, and launched 24 rockets using helicopters. The area was also strafed using .50 calibre machine guns, and shelled six times using a howitzer. The military spent about P22.4 million for these. An additional P2.5 million was spent for the flight of helicopters and FA-50 fighter jets. Approximately P20 million was spent for the salary, food and hazard pay of 600 soldiers and police.

The attack on May 14 was part of the 20-day joint combat operation of the military and police in five towns along the border of Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur. An NPA camp was bombed during the operation.

The NPA-NEMR paid tribute to five Red fighters who were killed in the intense military attack. Simultaneously, the unit also honored other Red fighters who were martyred in the past two months.

AFP squanders P25-million in 1-day offensive