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Offensives mounted by the CPI-Maoist

Red fighters of the Communist Party of India (CPI)-Maoist seized 16 weapons, ammo vests, magazins, ammunition, and handheld radios in its successful ambush in Minpa, Sukma District, Chattisgarh on March 21. Seventeen jawan (police) were killed and 15 were wounded.
Two others were killed and three were wounded in another ambush mounted by the Red fighters in Gadchiroli District, India on May 17.

The military actions were launched by the CPI-Maoist to punish the police for evicting residents from their communities to pave way for the entry of plunderous mining companies.

Free Huzaifa Ha­la­bi­ya Ba­der!

The Communist Party of the Philippines expressed its support for the Palestian people’s call for the release of Huzaifa Ha­la­bi­ya Ba­der who was arbitrarily arrested by the Isra­el government on Ma­y 25. Ba­ser, who was formerly arrested in Ju­ne 2018 and was released in December 2019, was rearrested without charges and trial.

Ba­der is among the approximately 5,000 Pa­les­ti­ni­an political prisoners arrested and currently detained by the Israel government, 500 of whom are under “administrative detention,” Isra­el’s euphemism for detaining Palestinians without charges and trial.

The bloody record of Elbit Systems

The Elbit Systems, the largest Israeli weapons company, is the prime beneficiary of Israel’s bloody siege and occupation in Palestine. It accumulates hefty profits by supplying weapons and military equipment to Israeli military forces which they use in suppressing the Palestinian people.

Among those manufactured by the company are Her­mes 450 dro­nes which has the capacity to carry and launch Hellfire missiles. This was among the primary weapons used by Israel in laying siege on Gaza Strip in 2014. The siege killed 2,314 civilian Palestinians, and injured 17,125 others. Among those killed were 164 children.

At least 28 governments are now using drones manufactured by Elbit. These include the Philippines which bought 12 dro­ne (three Her­mes 450 and nine Her­mes 900) in 2017 under the AFP Mo­der­niza­ti­on Prog­ram. The said drones were bought at P8 billion in sum. Two Her­mes 450 drones were already delivered to the Philippines last year.

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