Party conducts coordinated BPCs in Bi­col


Four full sessions of the Basic Party Course and an instructors training was recently conducted in the Bicol region. “The BPC further deepened my eagerness to join the NPA. This gave me a clearer understanding of what the people’s army actually does,” said Ka Troy, one of the students.

Coordinated educational discussions were conducted to consolidate the mass base and the people’s army. This is also in response to the fascist counterinsurgency campaign of the fascist Du­ter­te regime. This was conducted while the guerrilla front was not focused of military operations.

Within five weeks from March until the first week of April, 84 residents and Red fighters finished the BPC.

Result of the studies

Ka Troy is a member of a youth group who later on became a key partner of the New People’s Army (NPA) in their community. He is among the 70 farmers who graduated from the course. “I learned more about the policies… these policies are the reasons why I like how the people’s army operates,” commented Ka Troy during the graduation.

Through the BPC, Ka Troy was finally able to firm up his decision to join the NPA as a full time member, along with several other students.

An instructors training was also conducted and produced 18 more BPC instructors in the guerrilla zone. The training was launched in between BPC sessions. The newly graduated instructors were immediately assigned to teach and were grouped to discuss particular topics.

“At first, I was not at ease to lead discussions on the subject matter… I initially felt timid,” narrated Ka Na­ti, one of the new instructors. He said the techniques taught during the training such as use of illustrations helped him in the discussion.


Last year, holding Party courses in the guerrilla front was not as fruitful due to lack of proper planning and motivation. This year, the Party leadership in the province led the planning and execution of the educational discussions in the said guerrilla front.
Planning and the students’ eagerness to finish the courses are key to conducting the BPC and other Party courses.

After planning, the guerrilla front immediately invited the local Party branch in the barrio and asked them to list those who will participate in the discussions. The plan was also coordinated with Party members in the urban center for them to be able to send their delegates. Red fighters ensured the security of the venue of the program.

On average, the courses were completed in one week. The conduct of educational discussions were coordinated in various barangays. Intructors were able to immediately respond to the instruction needs in other areas.

Party conducts coordinated BPCs in Bi­col