After preying on civilians, fascist soldiers ambushed by NPA

At least ten soldiers of the 62nd IB were killed in an ambush by the New People’s Army (NPA) in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental hours after preying on five civilians in the same village.

In the morning of August 14, in Sityo Maluy-a of Barangay Sandayao, operating troopers of the 62nd IB encircled the residence of Delia Tenianu, ransacked her belongings and destroyed her corn harvest. The military also aimed their rifles at the victim and fired next to her ear.

Also, three minors who were using their cellphones at Tenianu’s residence were roughed up and accosted. The victims were merely taking advantage of the strong signal in the area. They were later detained in the military camp nearby.

On top of this, 24-year old Reken Remasog had both legs broken before being shot and killed by the soldiers. The victim left behind a 9-month old child.

The 62nd IB is under the command of Lt. Col Melvin Flores.

Later at 11:30 a.m. in Sityo Tabago of the same barangay, the same military unit was met with blasts of command-detonated explosives and gunfire from the NPA.

In a statement by Ka JB Regalado of the NPA-Central Negros, the spokesperson said that the 33 soldiers were unaware that they were advancing towards an NPA encampment. Ten troopers were killed in the firefight. Regalado added that two helicopters were dispatched to the area to transport the casualties.

The NPA slammed the Philippine Army’s 303rd Brigade, which directs the 62nd IB, for attacking civilians and fabricating encounters to hide their crimes. Ka Juanito Magbanua of the NPA-Negros Island meanwhile assailed brigade commander Col. Inocencio Pasaporte for hiding their true number of casualties. According to Magbanua, this would later on result to trauma and disgust among the rank-and-file.

After preying on civilians, fascist soldiers ambushed by NPA