AFP’s brutality against Ae­tas in Zam­ba­les


Around 190 Aeta families were forced to evacuate to Ba­ra­ngay Aglao, San Marce­li­no, Zam­ba­les last August 21 after their community in Ba­ra­ngay Bu­ha­wen was bombed by the military using four helicopters. Majority of the evacuees are children.

Nine residents, including four minors, were illegally detained by 703rd IBde troopers who accused them of being members of the New People’s Army. Civilians Wi­ti Ra­mos, Je­poy Ra­mos, and Na­lin Ra­mos were arrested and tortured. In utter cruelty, soldiers forced Na­lin Ra­mos to eat human excrement.

The bombing destroyed the farmlands and hunting grounds of the Aetas. Soldiers also butchered and ate the residents’ farm animals.

The soldiers are clearing the area to pave the way for the reentry of four large mining companies which were suspended in in 2017 for causing massive environmental damage.

AFP's brutality against Ae­tas in Zam­ba­les