Duterte’s butchers are on rampage


Four barangay officials and a resident were killed by state forces in Bicol in just a week. A farmer in Neg­ros and two Lumads in Sultan Kudarat also experienced intense brutality in the hands of the military. All of the victims were tagged as memebers of the New People’s Army (NPA).

In Mas­ba­te, three civilians were abducted in separate places by the 2nd IB and the 1st Masbate Police Mobile Force Company on September 26 and brought to Barangay Alas, Mandaon where they were summarily killed two days later at around 5:30 a.m..

The victims were identified as businessman Jerry Regala of Barangay Dalipe, Cawayan who was abducted while delivering rice supplies; and village councilors Judy Barruga and Joey Asne who were abucted at their homes in Barangay Cajonday, Baleno. Rifles and explosives were planted in their possession to make it appear that they were killed in an encounter. This is the fifth massacre perpetrated by state forces in Masbate under Duterte.

A few hours after the incident, the police illegally arrested a motorist Ronald Azucena at a checkpoint in Barangay Dayao in the same town. He was planted with a firearm and was brought to and detained at the Mandaon police station.

In Gui­no­ba­tan, Albay, the 49th IB murdered Barangay Batbat captain Luzvi­min­da Da­yan­dan­te and trea­su­rer Albert Orbi­na in an ambush in Ba­ra­ngay Si­nung­tan on September 21. Prior to the killing, the two actively exposed the abuses perpetrated by the said unit in their barrio. More than 30 villages are currently occupied by the 49th IB in the province.

On September 25, the 49th IB indiscriminately fired their weapons near a school in Ba­ra­ngay Oma-o­ma, Li­gao City to make it appear that they encountered an NPA unit in the area. Because of this, teachers who were preparing for the opening of classes were forced to evacuate.

In Neg­ros Occi­den­tal, soldiers of the 94th IB beheaded farmer Ber­nar­do Guil­len, 50, in Ba­ra­ngay Tan-a­wan, Ka­ban­ka­lan City on September 17. Before he was killed, the soldiers encountered an NPA unit near his farm. He immediately evacuated with his family but decided to return to salvage belongings which they left. He went missing for three days until his decomposing and decapitated body was found near the site of encounter..

In Sul­tan Ku­da­rat, the 37th IB killed two Lumad residents of Sitio Lo­boc, Ba­ra­ngay Sta. Cla­ra, Ka­la­man­sig in the evening of September 4. The victims were catching frogs when they were gunned down.

Earlier on September 2, soldiers also mauled motorists Re­na­to Angu­lin, Jun-jun Man­dong and Cris Maca­gar­si at Sit­io Lo­wer Nur­sery in the same barangay.

Fake surrender. In Neg­ros Occi­den­tal, the 79th IB forced 63 re­si­den­ts of Ba­ra­ngay Sta. Ro­sa, Murcia to “surrender” last September 21. Officials of the said unit are believed to have pocketed at least P4 million. On the other hand, “surrenderees” were only given 5 kilos of rice each.

In the Min­do­ro island, hundreds of Bu­hid minorities, including minors, were also coerced to surrender by the 203rd Bri­ga­de in the towns of Bo­nga­bong, San Jo­se, Man­sa­lay at Rizal. Residents were lured by soldiers to go their camp to receive relief goods. During the relief distribution, residents were interrogated and forced to surrender.

Disregarding health protocols against Covid-19, the 50th IB forced residents of three barangays in Pi­nuk­puk, Ka­li­nga to participate in rallies on September 22-24. Villages in Bal­ba­lan, Lu­bua­gan, Pa­sil and Ta­buk are currently occupied by the military. Deception, harassment and forced surrenders are prevalent in these areas.

Illegal arrest. Police and soldiers held and arrested four civilians at a checkpoint in Barangay Alingasaw, Moises Padilla, Negros Oriental on October 2. They were with firearms and explosives to justify the arrest. The victims were identified as human rights defender Wilmar Pog­nasi, Leoltren Trini­dad, and two habal-habal drivers.

Duterte's butchers are on rampage