NPA ambushes abusive soldiers and police


The New People’s Army (NPA) ambushed operating troopers of the 19th IB in Ba­ra­ngay Sta. Cruz, Ma­tu­gui­nao on September 26. Five soldiers were killed and 12 others were wounded.

In Northern Sa­mar, an NPA unit fired at CAFGU and 43rd IB troopers in Ba­ra­ngay Pag­sang-an, San Roque during the last week of September.

The NPA-Albay ambushed a police unit aboard a vehicle along the highway of Ba­ra­ngay Ca­wa­yan, Ma­ni­to on September 28. The police mobile overturned and two soldiers were wounded.

On the same day, the NPA-Min­do­ro ambushed elements of the 403rd Re­gio­nal Mo­bi­le Force Bat­ta­li­on (RMFB) in Ba­ra­ngay Sta. Te­re­si­ta, Man­sa­lay, Ori­en­tal Min­do­ro. The wounded soldiers scrambled and left behind their transport. Red fighters torched the said vehicle. Simultaneously, another NPA unit attacked a detachment of the 403rd RMFB in Ba­ra­ngay Ca­bal­wa in the same town.

The NPA-Mindoro mounted two sniping operations last September 16 and 22 against elements of the 203rd IBde occupying Ba­ra­ngay Mon­tecla­ro in San Jo­se, Occi­den­tal Min­do­ro.

The NPA-Central Pa­nay blasted operating troopers of the 12th IB in Barangay Bi­nu­losan Piqueño Ca­li­nog, Iloilo on September 17. A day earlier, Red fighters harassed troopers conducting psywar ops in Ba­ra­ngay Ma­sa­roy under the guise of Retooled Community Support Program.

The NPA unit also reported two other harassment operations against 12th IB troopers in ba­ra­ngays Roo­sevelt and Taca­yan in Ta­paz, Ca­piz last August and July. A soldier was killed and two others were wounded.

In Ba­ra­ngay Ba­lu­an, Pa­lim­bang, Sultan Kudarat, at least three soldiers were killed in an encounter on July 26. A Red fighter was martyred during the firefight.

NPA ambushes abusive soldiers and police