NPA ambushes Consunji’s military security guards


The New People’s Army (NPA) mounted successive attacks against soldiers securing the plunderous mining and logging operations of big bourgeois compradors in Mindanao over the past few months. Forty soldiers were killed and at least 34 were wounded during the attacks in Sul­tan Ku­da­rat and Su­ri­gao del Sur.

On September 2, the NPA-Far South Min­da­nao Region ambushed 37th IB troops aboard a military truck in Ba­ra­ngay Sta. Cla­ra, Ka­la­man­sig, Sul­tan Ku­da­rat. Twenty-four soldiers were killed and 28 others were wounded. The troops were on their way to reinforce security forces of the ABU-Gemma Construction Company in Barangay Datu Andong in the same town

A few hours earlier, the NPA paralyzed a backhoe of the said company. The construction firm is undertaking road widening projects in the area to pave way for the largescale logging operations of D.M. Consunji Incorporated in the first district of Sultan Kudarat. On August 17, Red fighters ambushed a unit of the 37th IB in the same ba­ra­ngay. Three soldiers were killed and another was wounded.

In Su­ri­gao del Sur, the people’s army launched successive armed actions against operating troopers of the 3rd SFB, 36th IB, 65th IB and 75th IB serving as security forces of plundererous mining operations in the province. Killed during the attacks were 2nd Lt. Da­nus and 12 other soldiers. Five soldiers were wounded.

The NPA also blasted operating soldiers in Ba­ra­ngay Hi­na­pu­yan, Car­men on July 30. Earlier, the NPA also mounted three harassment operations in ba­ra­ngays Li­bas Sud and Sia­gao, San Mi­gu­el from Ma­y 14 to 18.

The NPA launched another ambush and three harassment operations against joint troopers of the 36th IB, 75th IB and 65th IB from August 4 to 8.

NPA ambushes Consunji's military security guards