Trump incites fascism during US Pre­si­den­ti­al De­ba­te


US President Donald Trump was met with criticism after openly inciting violence and racism during the US Pre­si­den­ti­al De­ba­te 2020 last September 29. Aside from repeatedly insulting and interrupting his rival, De­mocra­tic Party nominee Joe Bi­den, his fascist stance on the continuing Black Lives Matter protests was also highlighted during the debate.

He deflected a debate question about whether he condemns white supremacists who were involved harassing protesters in recent weeks. Instead of answering, he blamed activists and insisted that something has to be done to them. He ordered the Proud Boys paramilitary group to “stand back and stand by.” Members of the said group are among the paramilitary groups that are conducting armed patrols in areas where mobilizations are being conducted. They directly assault and harasss protesters. Trump, however, is making it appear that the political opposition is reponsible for what he calls “violent protests” and not his paramilitary supporters.

After being widely criticized not only by Democrats but also his fellow Re­pub­licans, Trump was forced to condemn the Proud Boys and other white supremacists after two days.

The US presidential election is scheduled on November 3. Meanwhile, Trump was reportedly infected with Covid-19 last October 2.

Trump incites fascism during US Pre­si­den­ti­al De­ba­te