NPA ambushes notorious military unit in Surigao


The New People’s Army-Su­ri­gao del Sur (NPA-SDS) mounted a successful ambush against the 3rd Special Forces Bat­ta­li­on at Km. 14, Ba­ra­ngay Dia­ta­gon, Lia­nga, Su­ri­gao del Sur on October 31. Three soldiers were wounded in the offensive. NPA-SDS spokesperson Ka San­da­ra Sid­la­kan reported that Red fighters were able to seize three M16 rifles, and vests with ammunition.

On October 28, the NPA-SDS arrested 26th IB trooper PFC Ray­mond T. Tajo­ne­ra and another military asset identified only as Qui­ño­nez in San Miguel town. Based on initial reports, Tajo­ne­ra is a team leader of a CAFGU Active Auxil­iary (CAA) unit which serves as a mercenary force of a mining company owned by a warlord named Jas­mi­ne Aceve­do. The unit was deployed in the area to secure the 26th IB’s commander share of profit from the mining operation.

Ca­ma­ri­nes Sur. The-West Ca­ma­ri­nes Sur (Norben Gruta Command) reported on October 22 its ambush against attacking 9th IB troopers in Ba­ra­ngay Tib­le, Lu­pi, Ca­ma­ri­nes Sur. The NPA were able to seize two firearms and 15 backpacks filled with various military matériel.

Capiz. The NPA-Central Panay blasted operating 12th IB troopers in Barangay Naya­wan, Tapaz, Capiz on October 22, at around 4 p.m. One soldier was killed and four others were wounded. The said unit is notorious for spreading terror in the towns of Capiz and Iloilo under the guise of Retooled Community Support Program operations.

Negros Occidental. The NPA-Negros conducted two successive tactical offensives against operating troopers of the 62nd IB in Barangay Sandayao, Guilhulngan City on November 4. Red fighters first ambushed the soldiers at Sitio Inangaw at around 3 p.m., followed by an attack at Sitio Matal-e at 7 p.m. Two soldiers were killed and many others were wounded.

In retaliation, soldiers murdered farmer Reo Jacaba, a resident of the adjacent Barangay Macagahay in Moises Padilla whom they have presented as a member of the NPA.

NPA ambushes notorious military unit in Surigao