Australia’s war crimes in Afghanistan


Australian Defense Force Chief Gen. Angus Campbell admitted on November 17 that soldiers of the Special Air Service (SAS) of Australia were involved in the brutal killings of 39 civilians in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2016. An investigation clarified that the victims were all prisoners and farmers, and not combatants.

Information on the case was divulged after the result of a four-year investigation by an Australian judge was published. The cases include killings perpetrated as part of the “blooding” tradition of the SAS wherein newly deployed soldiers in Afghanistan are made to kill prisoners. It was also revealed that the soldiers were involved in planting guns and radios to make it appear that the victims were killed in legitimate encounters. The federal police of Australia is currently investigating 19 soldiers involved in the said atrocities.

Australia is among the countries which have occupied Afghanistan since 2001 as part of the US’ war of aggression which was launched in the guise of “war on terror.” Until today, Australian forces, along with thousands of US troops, still occupy the country.

Australia's war crimes in Afghanistan