250 million protest in India against neoliberalism


Various states in India saw the biggest strike in the history of the world on November 26. Despite lockdown restrictions, more than 250 million residents led by 10 trade unions and peasant organizations participated in the general strike to oppose the neoliberal reforms implemented by Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Na­rendra Mo­di in connivance with US imperialists amid the pandemic.

Strikers blocked all railways and main transportation routes, and stopped the production activities in factories. The protest was held in conjunction with the commemoration of the Constitution Day in India.

Among those who protested are 12 million farmers who marched from northern states in India to Delhi. The farmers brought with them 96,000 farm tractors. More than 10,000 women from the Punjab district also participated in the march.

The protesters demanded the junking of a law which dismantled the farmgate pricing of agricultural products and the privatization of state-owned establishments. They also called for welfare programs for rural workers as well as the explansion of welfare policies to aid residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. These are part of the seven basic demands which were signed by the broad united front.

India is currently facing severe recession due to the pandemic. Latest data indicate that its gross do­mes­tic pro­duct (GDP) decreased by 24%, while its unemployment rate is at 27%.

Protest in Guatamela against neoliebralism

Several thousands protested in Guatemala City, Guatemala on November 21 following the passage of the national budget by its Congress. To manifest their rage over massive cuts for health and education, the rallyists set a part of the Congress building on fire. They also brought a guillotine to symbolize their resistance. Thousands also protested in various city and town centers across the country to demand the junking of the national budget and resignation of corrupt government officials.

They criticized Pres. Alejandro Giam­mat­tei for prioritizing the construction of big infrastructure projects over social and economic services for the people amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The country was also pummeled by two strong typhoons in recent months.

Protests in France against fascism

More than 50,000 converged in various urban centers across France on November 28 to oppose the repressive secu­rity bill which was recently railroaded by Pres. Emma­nu­el Macron. The said bill will restrict taking images and videos of police officers and strengthen government surveillance tools. A week earlier, more than 500,000 protested in France after a video showing three police officers mauling Black musician Michel Zecler in Paris went viral on social media. The protests are continuing despite Macron’s statement that he will withdraw the bill.

250 million protest in India against neoliberalism