Mass protests


Dismantle the NTF-ELCAC!

Around 100 activists protested in Quezon City on December 4 to call for the dismantling of the NTF-ELCAC and the realignment of its budget to social services. Its budget is not only used for red-tagging, but is also used as a milking cow by the regime’s generals and anti-communist propagandists. They asserted that the budget would be put to better use if utilized to aid people, buy vaccines, or subsidize students who are experiencing difficulties under the online and blended learning system.

Nexperia workers’ CBA approved

Nexperia workers’ successfully asserted their demands as stipulated in their collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the company management. Among the benefits they will receive are the ret­roactive pay for workers for the six-month lockdown period, as well as a wage increase this coming 2021.
Workers attributed this victory to their successive protests, including a silent protest on November 24 to defend their jobs and demand for protection amid the pandemic.

Mass for thanksgiving and solidarity

Residents of Barangay Ba­ra­ngay IV-C, Ma­ri­ki­na held a thanksgiving and solidarity mass on December 5 to recognize organizations which helped them during the recent calamity and resist anti-environment projects.
Earlier on November 21 and 25, residents protested at the Free­dom Park in the same city. Approximately 30-bil­lion worth of properties and livelihoods were destroyed in the city alone.

Mass protests