Wiping out NPA in Negros is a pipe dream

“General Ancan’s pipe dream of dismantling and destroying the revolutionary movement is just that — a pipe dream, a fantasy,” NPA-Southeast Negros Command said in a statement dated December 4.

The NPA mocked the 11th IB’s declaration of “successfully dismantling the Southern Negros Front of the NPA.” Estrella Banagbanag, spokesperson for the NPA-Southeast Negros Command, said that the AFP failed to wipe out or even strike any unit of the NPA in Southeast Negros. No encampment was seized or Red fighter and Party cadre captured.

In fact, the revolutionary movement has won victories in Party expansion and building of mass organizations amid focused military operations in many villages in Southern Negros. Banagbanag said that the Party was able to conduct five batches of Basic Party Course and another two batches of instructors’ and other political trainings. Along with launching mass campaigns, revolutionary mass organizations expanded by 10% and scores of new mass organizations were established.

Party membership in the guerilla front also expanded by 7% which laid ground for the establishment of new Party branches in different areas. NPA units were able to expand in membership while Red fighters continue to enhance their political and military capabilities through trainings, study sessions and conferences, she added.

Moreso, the people’s army was able to employ guerilla tactics to defy focused military operations in their area. Amid series of FMOs, Red fighters were able to conduct three punitive actions against notorious intelligence operatives and counterrevolutionary elements who serve as paramilitaries. She said that the revolutionary forces continue to advance in the ideological, political and organizational fields.

The Communist Party of the Philippines, which leads the New People’s Army is set to celebrate its 52nd founding anniversary on December 26.

Wiping out NPA in Negros is a pipe dream