NPA-Western Samar ambushes PNP patrol car in Marabut

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The New People’s Army-Western Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command or NPA-AOC) claimed the ambush of a police patrol car in Marabut town on Thursday.

Citing initial reports, the NPA-AOC said it attacked the vehicle and killed a police officer. The unit is also verifying the alleged civilian casualty and shall be ready to render assistance.

The NPA-AOC said that the tactical offensive is a slap to the face of the AFP-PNP whose Inter-Agency Task Force SABAMA earlier announced that it has “dismantled” the NPA in Marabut and nearby Basey and Sta. Rita towns after conducting combat-intelligence-psychological warfare operations from March to October.

Dubbed as Retooled Community Support Program or RCSP, state forces committed dozens of rights abuses during these operations. The NPA-AOC recorded at least one case of indiscriminate strafing, dozens of mass arrests and forced surrenders, and threats and harassments against residents.

“The Joint Campaign Plan Kapanatagan of the AFP-PNP against the NPA is a failure. The masses still give the NPA its deep and wide support so it can launch tactical offensives and strike its fascist enemies at will despite the AFP-PNP’s wanton abuses, ballooning war budget, and incessant anti-communist propaganda.

“Duterte and the AFP-PNP cannot simply wipe out the revolutionary movement in Eastern Visayas. It is a pipe dream. The fascist terror they wage upon the people pushes them to rise and continue supporting the armed revolution. The NPA and the Filipino people will frustrate the Duterte regime’s war of suppression until he is removed from power,” the NPA-AOC ended.#

NPA-Western Samar ambushes PNP patrol car in Marabut