Data on vaccines to be used in the Philippines


As of January 18, approximately 42.2 billion doses have been administered in 51 countries with an average rate of 2.43 million doses per day. The biggest capitalist countries have reserved 8.33 billion doses. The Philippines is among the countries which still have to wait until next to meet the local demand for vaccines.

Presently, information about the efficacy of these vaccines is limited. On the one hand, this can be attributed to the competition and secrecy among monopolistic pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, it can also be attributed to the urgency that these vaccines had to be developed at the soonest possible time. In the past, around three years are spent on researching and developing vaccines before these are allowed to be used by the general public. The Covid-19 vaccines just underwent six months of clinical tests.

The spokesperson of the regime announced on January 18 that it was already able to secure 25 millions of doses from Sinovac, 17 million doses from AstraZeneca, 10 million from Moderna, and 30 million from Covovax. It remains unclear where funds for these purchases will come from, as well as when these will arrive in the Philippines.

Latest reports indicate that at least 21 big cities in the Philippines have expressed their plans to allocate funds to inoculate their constituents.

Data on vaccines to be used in the Philippines