Recruitment campaign in Bicol

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The dedication of members of the Party branch in Barangay Higos in Bicol was key to their successful recruitment campaign last year.

To reach the target of contributing at least 10 new recruits, each Party member was tasked to recommend individuals whom they recommend to join the people’s army, especially the youth. In the recruitment process, they take into consideration the age of their targets, their organizational membership, parental and family background, and readiness to join the people’s army.

Party cadres tirelessly educated those who expressed their interest to join. Cadres visited them almost daily in their houses and simultaneously convinced their families. The Party branch also help residents in their production activities. Through these, they are able to educate their targets about the root causes of their daily hardships. “We explain to them that there is no other solution to the crisis but their united resistance, and that its armed form is the most correct and appropriate,” said Ka Mario, a Party branch member.

Aside from regular educational discussions given to mass organizations, the targets are given a course on the basic military regulations of the people’s army. They are also educated on the significance of serving full-time in the army and readiness to be deployed wherever it is needed.

As a result of their endeavor, Baryo Higos was able to produce seven full-time Red fighters last year, while several other youth joined part-time. “We have another platoon of militia which can serve as a source of new recruits,” added the comrade.

The Pary branch regularly checks on them and boosts their morale even after they joined the people’s army. The Party branch also attends to the needs of the families of Red fighters.

Those who are recruited were also motivated by the outstanding example of Party branch members. “If we aim to recruit full-time Red fighters, we must also work full-time in our barrio. We have learned to dedicate a time each day to pay attention to the problems, interests and needs of the barriofolk,” Ka Mario concluded.

Recruitment campaign in Bicol