To the militant Filipino youth


Artikulo mula sa Kalayaan-Gitnang Luzon Special Issue, March 2021

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As we celebrate the founding anniversary of the New People’s Army and lauds its accomplishments, Kabataan Makabayan also applauds the progressive, militant and nationalist youth of Central Luzon. We congratulate the continuous expansion of different national democratic mass organizations all over the provinces of Central Luzon. For vigorously arousing, organizing, and mobilizing student youth masses in their struggles and for linking it to the national democratic revolution.

The semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition of the Philippine society continued to worsen under the fascist, tyrannical and corrupt rule of the Duterte regime further aggravated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Filipino youth especially those who are from the peasant and workers are subjected to starvation, poverty, land grabbing, and lack of jobs. The petty bourgeoisie is not exempted as they are also subjected to poor quality of education many of which choose to work instead of studying under the modular learning set up.

It is up to the militant, and progressive youth to transform the anger brought upon these conditions, into concrete legal and extra-legal actions by effectively arousing, organizing, and mobilizing. This would only be effective with the proper social investigation, and mass work among the masses in communities, schools, and Universities. Be wary of conservatism and ultra-left tendencies, and practice criticism and self-criticism on a regular basis.

Discussions, study groups, and regular meetings are encouraged to widen and deepen your political consciousness. Revolutionary theories of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism must be discussed among the Filipino youth, including the struggle for national democracy articles and PAKUM courses. We also encourage to partake in Basic Party Courses, and later on Advance and Intermediate party courses by local party branches. Beyond the legal democratic movement, you must also recognize the necessity of waging the new democratic revolution that is led by the working class, and supported by the broad masses of the people. The New People’s Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines is open for young revolutionaries who are interested in enlisting for the armed struggle. They are also prepared to protect those who are subjected to harassment and threats by reactionary state forces by bringing them into mass bases controlled by the revolutionary movement.

To those who are not yet ready to enlist, the New People’s Army is also open for exposure and integration with a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months of stay in red bases controlled by the revolutionary movement.

All of the KM members are also encouraged to link up with their local KM chapters and donate material goods such as medicine, food, clothing, and other necessities to support our red fighters in the countryside.

Kabataan Makabayan has a historical role of serving as the training school of young revolutionaries and assisting the working class in fulfilling its revolutionary tasks. We welcome the Filipino youth to fulfill revolutionary tasks and to partake in the armed struggle in advancing the new national democratic revolution.

May the Filipino youth be ever conscious of the need to partake in the new democratic revolution to struggle against modern imperialism, and its local compradors, towards the struggle of the working class in achieving a socialist society!

Long live the Kabataan Makabayan and the Filipino youth!

Advance the national democratic revolution!

Join the New People’s Army!

To the militant Filipino youth