₱100 wage increase, big help to workers


A ₱100-increase in daily wages will significantly help workers, especially those who work in industries and services considered essential amid the pandemic. Majority of them face job insecurity, are compensated below the legislated minimum wages, and work under “no work, no pay” arrangement.

These workers include Andrea who is employed in a restaurant which opens or closes depending on the level of lockdown. She has been working as a contractual employee for a year now with a daily wage pegged at ₱336.

Bob, who works for an agency outsourced by an internet service provider, also favors this proposal as he only receives ₱400 daily.

Mon, a delivery rider who earns up to ₱500 per day, said that this should even be increased to ₱200. He said that this is not impossible especially during the pandemic when many depend on their services.
Although receiving a daily wage of ₱1,300 per day, call center agent Karla said that she is in favor of the ₱100-wage increase. She said that it is appropriate to implement this to ensure that workers are able to live decently.

₱100 wage increase, big help to workers