NPA-Northern Samar celebrates NDFP’s 48th anniv amid FMO

The peasant masses and people’s army in Northern Samar joyously celebrated the 48th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) last April amid the enemy’s half-year-long focused military operations.

Despite the AFP-PNP’s focused operations, peasants and allies from six barrios attended the celebration to rekindle their unity against militarization.

The current situation in the area which was subjected to relentless military operations since December of 2020 was discussed. The program underscored why the revolution serves as the only solution to the poverty experienced by the villagefolk. At the same time, it explained the policies implemented in villages under the revolutionary government, which aim to attain peace and sufficient income.

After the program, the people’s army handed out propaganda materials to help raise the fighting spirit of the masses.

NPA-Northern Samar celebrates NDFP's 48th anniv amid FMO