Enrique Razon Jr.’s dams


Three of the deadliest dam projects in the country at present are linked to the businesses of Enrique Razon, Jr., one of the “Dutertegarchs” or big oligarchs favored by Duterte. These are the Jalaur Megadam Project in Iloilo which aims to generate and supply electricity for More Power Company; the Wawa Dam Project in Montalban, Rizal which will supply water to the Manila Water Company which is also owned by Razon; and the impending dam project in the Chico River in Kalinga. These projects are located in ancestral lands and rivers including those of the Tumandok of Panay, Remontado-Dumagats of Rizal and Igorots of Kalinga.

All these places have had a long history of struggles by residents, and violent suppression campaigns to silence them. Extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests and detention and forcible eviction are prevalent in these areas.

Unlike other bourgeois compradors, Razon explicitly expressed his support to Duterte’s fascism. In 2017, he manifested his tyrannical stance by stating that no infrastructure program can be implemented without a dictatorship.

Enrique Razon Jr.'s dams