NPA Mindoro overwhelms fascist troops in Mindoro ambush

A unit of the New People’s Army in Mindoro was able to overwhelm combined elements of PNP-MIMAROPA and 203rd IBde aboard in a back-to-back minitruck going to Sitio Banban, Barangay Nicolas, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro last May 28.

Reports indicate that no less than 13 police and military troops were wounded while three were killed in the ambush. The fascist troops were set to conduct combat operations in the said area in the guise of public service programs.

According to Madaay Gasic, spokesperson of the NPA in Mindoro, Red fighters made sure that civilian vehicles were able to pass safely before initiating the ambush. He emphasized that the ambush targeted only the AFP and PNP personnel, and ensured that no civilians went unharmed.

Gasic declared that the successful ambush was welcomed by the oppressed masses of Mindoro who have long suffered the relentless attacks and threats by the reactionary state agents. The CPP said the tactical offensive was “necessary and just.”

He pointed out that the 203rd IBde is behind the indiscriminate bombing of peasant and Mangyan communities in the borders of Mansalay and Roxas, Oriental Mindoro last March 25 to 26. This has forced thousands of residents of the 15 sitios in the said towns were forced to evacuate out of fear.

Earlier, the same AFP unit shelled civilian communities in Ilog Cayacyan in Barangay Monte Claro, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. The spokesperson of the 203rd IBde justified their action as “just testing” their newly acquired war equipments.

Gasic also cited cases of illegal arrests among peasants and indigenous peoples while subjecting them to mental and physical torture to force to “surrender” as supposed members of the NPA.

NPA Mindoro overwhelms fascist troops in Mindoro ambush