22nd IB unabatedly violates people’s rights in Bulan, Sorsogon

“We condemn the brazen violation of human rights of civilians, especially of children, by the 22nd IB. This cruelty has no place in the just conduct of war,” said Ka Samuel Guerrero, spokespman of the New People’s Army-Sorsogon (Celso Minguez Command) regarding the series of military abuses in Bulan, Sorsogon last June 28.

Soldiers abducted peasant Alvin Mapula, 39, his 2-year old niece Althea Mapula and her cousin Janrex Mapula, 13, in Barangay Bulawan. Relatives searched and found the three in the hands of the fascist who now refuse the set free the entire family–Editha Mapula, 43; Allan Mapula, 42; Mary Ann Mapula, 29; Angel Mapula, 12; Rey Mapula, 4; RJ Mapula, 7; Renz Guelas, 13; Sunny Preconcillo, 48; Emy Preconcillo, 39; and Dante Bandola, 50.

Soldiers also arrested Laurente Gestole, 23, resident of Barangay Cadandanan who is now detained in the Bulan Municipal Police Station. According to Guerrero, the PNP and AFP claim that Gestole is a Red fighter of the New People’s Army, and for several days, have been coercing barangay officials to surrender him. Officials however, stood their ground, saying that Gestole is a civilian and there is no reason for them to make him surrender.

Meanwhile, soldiers are threatening to arrest Regine Graida, 28, ang Geraldine Gestole, 38, both residents of Barangay Calpi with no clear grounds.

“The victims are expecting that elected officials of Bulan town and Sorsogon stand by them. This is an opportunity for Mayor Romeo Gordola and other local officials to prove themselves and show compassion to their constituents. This is time to prove that they are not in collusion with the military in these abuses,” added Samuel Guerrero.

22nd IB unabatedly violates people's rights in Bulan, Sorsogon