Soldiers and employees as trolls


To create an illusion of support for the Duterte regime, government and military officials use their personnel for trolling on social media to peddle lies and deception. This was further proved recently in an exposé about the practice in the Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) and Philippine Air Force (PAF).

The Commission on Audit (COA) flagged the PCOO this July for employing 375 contractual personnel who worked as “specialists” for social media and other forms of propaganda. The PCOO spent a total of ₱70.6 million or ₱15,689 per employee for their salaries. They are believed to be part of troll farms operated by the regime.

The COA report revealed that these personnel had almost similar job descriptions and accomplishment reports during the past year which are believed to be bogus.

Meanwhile, there was also a Facebook report about troops of the airforce being compelled to use their personal social media accounts to support the regime’s propaganda.

The report alleged that soldiers are forced to share all statements and news issued by the PAF and then record whether they have posted these using Google forms. There is an official assigned to ensure the compliance of the soldiers. Those who fail to comply are either fined or given disciplinary action. The report exposed that all PAF officials are required to log their names and serial numbers in an online form, as well as screenshots, to prove that they “liked” the statements their officers.

Soldiers and employees as trolls