Ka Parts Bagani, Red fighter and people’s artist


Joint elements of the 5th Special Forces Battalion and the local police summarily executed Jhon Niebres Peñaranda, more known as Parts Bagani, 54, an official of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Southern Mindanao Region, and renowned revolutionary artist, in Barangay Cannery Site, Polomolok, South Cotabato on August 16. He was unarmed and incapable of fighting back.

Ka Parts is known in and outside the revolutionary movement as a leading revolutionary painter and illustrator based in the NPA. He came from the petty-bouregois class but offered his entire life and intellect to defend the oppressed masses. While holding an armalite and performing military and mass work, he produced artworks which reflect the aspirations of the people for freedom from oppression, exploitation, hunger and poverty, and for national and social liberation.

While known for his artworks as a revolutionary artist, Ka Parts was primarily a Red fighter and military cadre of the NPA. He has a rich experience in warfare, in its advances and retreats, in leading tactical offensives and studying the art of war. He knitted his brows when making plans to further strengthen the capacity of the NPA and Red fighters in armed struggle.

He was able to maximize his talent in sketching to draw plans for tactical offensives. His contributions in advancing the armed revolution in Southern Mindanao and other parts of Mindanao are exceptional.

Ka Parts Bagani, Red fighter and people's artist