Fascist and stupid restrictions against the unvaccinated


Restrictions implemented by the reactionary government against the unvaccinated are discriminatory, fascist, oppressive, and ultimately pointless and stupid. The “no vax, no labas,” “no vax, no ride,” “no vax, no entry,” and other related policies openly restrict the movement of the majority of the population, and denies them their right to social services.

As of January 11, only 48.45% of the target population (70%) have been fully vaccinated, while 75% have received their first dose.

Duterte imposed policies against unvaccinated people to cover-up its neglect to the health sector, and inefficiencies in its overall pandemic response. This covers-up the regimes refusal to shoulder payments for mass testing, contact tracing, improvement of health facilities, treatment of infected patients, and economic aid for millions of impoverished Filipinos.

On January 15, members of Bayan-Panay protested in front of the Iloilo City Hall to criticize the local ordinance which implemented Duterte’s illegal and anti-people “no vax, no labas” policy. Local officials prohibit unvaccinated people from leaving their homes unless they are able to show a negative RT-PCR test taken in the past three days.

Fascist and stupid restrictions against the unvaccinated