NPA offensives in South Cotabato in defense of Lumad T’bolis


The New People’s Army (NPA)-Far South Mindanao mounted successive offensives in South Cotabato to defend the T’boli people subjected to military violence by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Red fighters ambushed an operating unit of the 38th IB in Barangay Tudok, T’boli on December 31, 2021. Initial reports indicate that at least seven soldiers were killed, and three others were wounded.

The following day, the NPA fired at a column of the 11th Special Forces Battalion (SFB) at a mountainous area of the same barangay. Five soldiers were killed and two were wounded.

The NPA deployed a unit in the area after the military dropped 12 bombs at Sitio Busong-Apang in the early morning of December 30, 2021. The bombs hit the farmlands of Lumad T’bolis which were located only few meters away from the village. The attack shattered the peace in the community and traumatized civilians. Afterwards, the AFP deployed 38th IB and 11th SFB soldiers to comb through the said area.

Focused military operations continue unabated in the barangays along the boundary of Kiamba, Sarangani and T’boli, South Cotabato. These areas are covered by the concessions of the 88 Kiamba Mining Development Corporation, Inc. and Kiamba Mining Corporation.

NPA offensives in South Cotabato in defense of Lumad T'bolis