US provocations and warmongering in Ukraine

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Over the past weeks, the US imperialists have intensified provocations and warmongering in Ukraine in the hope o sparking an armed conflict and proxy war with Russia. In collusion with American big media and the military industrial complex, the US has been whipping up the threat of an “imminent invasion” by Russia in Ukraine to justify heightened military spending to raise the sales of military weapons.

The US has been provoking Russia since last year by pushing for the inclusion of Ukraine into the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and by opposing the commercial operations of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The US is flooding the puppet Ukrainian government with weapons against the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic in the Donbass region (special region in the west of Ukraine with Russian population) to provoke a Russian invasion.

The push of the US puppet regime in Ukraine for the country to join the NATO, the US-led military alliance, is a direct challenge to Russia. This would allow the US and its military allies to position troops, tanks, missiles and other military matériel right next to Russia’s border. Ukraine’s inclusion into the NATO will add to the US network of military bases in its state of Alaska, in Poland, Romania and other countries close to the Russian border.

In the face of US provocations, Russia positioned tanks and an estimated 100,000 troops in its western borders with Ukraine, as well as in the southern borders of Belarus, a country north of Ukraine, where Russia maintains a military base. These form part of Russia’s political and diplomatic tactics to oppose US arm-twisting. Russia is pushing for renewed negotiations to reaffirm previous agreements surrounding the Donbass region, explicit prohibition of the eastward expansion of NATO to Ukraine and other countries, and a ban on US and NATO intermediate-range missile in countries within striking distance of Russia.

For weeks now, the US has been beating the drums of war to justify plans of increasing military aid and stepping up weapons sales to Ukraine. The US congress aims to triple military aid to Ukraine this year to $1.2 billion including more than $500 million worth of foreign military financing to sell excess weapons, $200 million worth of drawdown authorization for the US president to transfer war matériel in US stockpiles to non-US militaries, and other measures.

Furthermore, the US has already allowed its NATO allies Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to send US-made weapons to Ukraine.

The biggest beneficiary of US warmongering is the military industrial complex and the Pentagon (Department of Defense) which was allotted a record $768 billion budget for 2022. After withdrawing from Afghanistan, the US imperialists are bent on inciting another long-drawn armed conflict onto which it can pour its surplus arms and induce production of more weapons.

The people of Ukraine are being made to suffer from interimperialist conflict between the US and its NATO allies, and Russia. The progressive and revolutionary forces in Ukraine and across the world must arouse, organize and mobilize the people to demand an end to US warmongering and provocation in Ukraine. The peoples of the world must unite and demand the imperialist powers to negotiate and reach a peaceful settlement of their conflicts.

US provocations and warmongering in Ukraine