With the support of the masses, the NPA is invincible

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Duterte and his generals have failed to crush the armed resistance of the people after almost six years of intensified military operations. Last March 29, the people celebrated across the country the victories of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the past year on the occasion of its 53rd founding anniversary.

In a report by the NPA-Negros, NPA units in the region mounted 13 offensives against operating troops of the AFP and PNP from January-February alone. Meanwhile, the NPA-Central Negros said it launched 35 military actions from March 2021 to March this year where the enemy suffered 60 casualties. In their statement, the NPA unit said it continues to expand membership, majority of which comes from the youth who are determined to advance the armed struggle for the people. The battalion-sized people’s militia has maintained its strength and has implemented policies of the people’s democratic government in the countryside.

In Southern Tagalog, hundreds attended the celebrations held in Quezon, Rizal, Batangas, Mindoro and Palawan. According to the regional Party committee, the past years which saw difficult struggles have “steeled the determination and capability” of Red fighters.

In North Central Mindanao, the Party committee enumerated four reasons why the people’s war is sure to advance in the region. These include having a core of steeled Red commanders and fighters, the continuing unwavering support of the masses, the clear failure of the Duterte regime’s “whole-of-nation” approach, and the worsening landlessness in the countryside.

With the support of the masses, the NPA is invincible